Prof. Dr. Milo Puhan

Director of Studies

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Medical studies

have proven that Silent Sleep Training works

In the first study, patients were divided into two groups: The first study used Asate therapy, while in the second study the patients went about their normal daily routine. After the prescribed period of training, it was demonstrated that Asate therapy had a positive effect on snoring and sleep apnea: Its efficacy has been confirmed.

The aim of the second study was to find out why the Asate therapy had this positive effect. For this purpose, medical sleep studies and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examinations were performed.

It was found that the fat content in study subjects’ necks was significantly reduced by the use of Asate therapy.

Professor Dr. med. Milo Puhan (University of Zurich) summarized both studies and confirmed the results.

Ongoing, currently running a study with Silent Sleep Training at Stanford Medical School


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First study

This was how Silent Sleep Training began

Second study

Proof of how Silent Sleep Training works

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The results of the next study will be coming soon