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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the mobile app?
The app is available in the AppStore for Apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices
Where can I find the app for the computer?
You can find it at
Do I need an internet connection??
Yes, an internet connection is required for the training: 5MB/s download and 1.5MB/s upload
How do I get support?
Please send an email to, a member of our support team will contact you as soon as possible.
What kind of support is available?
Most technical problems can be solved by email. Should there be any problems with the sound, we can arrange a video call with you in English or German
Can I give Asate AG a call?
So that we can meet the needs of all of our customers and provide the best support possible, we do not offer support by telephone. Please contact us by email as the first step.
How do I clean the medical didgeridoo?
The instrument can be cleaned with water
Can I do the training without the app?
No, the training only works in combination with the app
Can I use a different didgeridoo?
No, the training only works in combination with the app
Will I need any additional equipment?
No, everything you need is included in the package.
Are there any known side effects?
Will there be new studies in the future?
Yes, new studies are in progress
Do I have to continue using the CPAP?
We do not recommend discontinuation of other medically prescribed therapies until you have had a new medical examination after the intensive phase is been completed. Please contact your doctor before discontinuing any therapy!
Are there any prerequisites for the training?
No, there are no prerequisites for starting the training.
Do I need to be able to do circular breathing, or will I have to learn how to do it?
No, circular breathing is not required for training
Is any musical ability required?
No, no musical knowledge or rhythm is required for the training
How long will my intensive phase last?
It will last between 6 and 24 weeks and will be calculated when you create your account
How often will I have to play?
During the first, intensive phase, you will need to train for 15 minutes 6 days per week. During the strengthening phase, you will need to train twice a week for 15 minutes. In order to maintain the trained muscles, you will need to continue to exercise at least twice a month for 15 minutes.
How loud is the Medical Didgeridoo?
The instrument produces about 65 dB at a distance of 1 m.
Will I need to use Google Chrome?
Yes, if you are using a computer, it will need to have Google Chrome installed.